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1) We have been in business 28 years, have our own building, and have been recommended by USA Today and as one of the top seven companies in country. We have been recommended by other industry leaders such as TUG and Timesharing Today magazine as one of the top ten companies to do business with - you need a company like ours to help you.

2) We have our own building on the biggest street in Salt Lake City Utah, State Street. Many of your internet timeshare resale companies work out of their homes. We have our own building, with employees and overhead.

3) We are a member of the BBB in good standing. You're welcome to call them about us. Just click on the logo on the front page of our website. We have an A grade with the BBB and we have had very few complaints with them in 28 years. Other resale companies continually change their names and start over to "clean their slate" so to speak with the BBB. If you check with the BBB of these other companies, many of them will have a list of 50 to 100 complaints already.

4) Our company name has not changed in 28 years. Most companies have changed their name several times to adjust to the complaints.

5) We have been warned to tell all our callers or internet clients to not do business with any company that does not have the BBB online credibility logo on the front page of their website. We have that logo.

7) We have a credible website with up to 500,000 hits per month. Our search engine positioning is very high with Google, MSN, AOL and the big search engines.

8) We offer a sincere, honest approach to this controversial industry. We won't hype up the value of your property only to get a bigger upfront fee. We won't make any guarantees that we can sell your timeshare quickly or at all - but we do promise to do our very best to help you sell your timeshare week.

9) That's the way the industry is, you must pay some money upfront. If you go to the LA Times, you will pay upfront; if you go to any of the big resale companies, you will pay upfront. The only resale companies that do not charge money are the small companies working out of their homes and who do not offer world wide exposure. You can try these other companies, but most likely, you will try us someday - so why not now. You might as well go with a company rated by USA Today and Timesharing Today magazine as one of the top 7 companies, and a company with a good solid reputation, and with a company that's been around for 28 years. You might as well try us.

10) We sell 300 to 400 timeshares per year and have sold or helped to sell about 10,000 timeshare weeks since our inception 28 years ago.

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Timeshare Travel & Associates and our in-house Real Estate professionals have been serving the timeshare industry since 1984. We are recognized today as one of the premiere timeshare resale companies worldwide.

We are one of the oldest, largest and most successful timeshare service organizations. We have been featured in USA Today and Changing Times Magazine as one of the top ten companies of its kind. Within the last ten years, Timeshare Travel and our associate brokers have sold over 10,000 weeks.

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