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Timeshare Selling 101 — Addressing the Myths

You must have exposure to potential buyers to sell your timeshare week. That exposure will always cost money. That's just the way this industry is. Commissions are far too small to do it any other way. Some industry experts recommend against paying "upfront fees". They are referring to "upfront commissions", not advertising and marketing costs. These same experts also agree on paying a "reasonable" amount for advertising and marketing. Market your timeshare with a service that can give you global marketing and exposure.

If you have already paid another company to market your timeshare, remember our marketing program is non-exclusive. You can use other marketing programs as well as ours at the same time.

Beware of companies that exaggerate the value of your timeshare. They do this solely to motivate you to list your property with them. Your timeshare will not sell for more than the price the Resort is selling them for - otherwise a buyer will just buy from the Resort. Timeshares are like new cars. They lose as much as 40% of their value the day they are bought if your buy from a Resort. The Developer of each Resort has marked up the price to cover the cost of freebies and gift certificates as well as the very large commissions paid to highly trained and high pressure sales people.

Beware of Listing Mills. These are companies using high pressure and deceptive techniques to list thousands of timeshare weeks. Your property will be lost in a huge pile of listings at a price far above what would interest serious buyers. Also be careful of the small one or two person companies that only offer limited exposure.

Timeshare Real Estate is different than other Real Estate. Timeshare is a travel product as well as a Real Estate product. Timeshare commissions are very small in comparison and you can't post a for sale sign out front and wait for a buyer to drive by.

It is both risky and difficult to sell a timeshare on your own. Your buyer will likely be from another state or even another country. Because of this, the legal work can be complicated and closing costs unpredictable. It is a specialized niche market and you need a knowledgeable company with broad experience and contacts to protect your interests and insure the buyer that he or she has a clear title when the transaction is completed. Use licensed & experienced Timeshare Real Estate professionals to assist in your sale.

Beware of scams! The Timeshare industry is a very unregulated business which means that the historical reputation of the resale service you choose to do business with is extremely important. Make sure the resale service you have market your timeshare is a member in good standing with the Better Business Bureau and check further to find out how many and what kind of complaints may have been made to their record. Be sure to use a company which has earned the Better Business Bureau Online Reliability designation (Check for the BBB logo on the front page of their website. If they don't have the logo, don't do business with them). Be especially careful about using a company which has been in business for less than 3 years. Most of the worst offenders are startup companies.

Buyers are out there! Lot's of them. Our agents take about 40 to 60 serious buyer inquiries every week. These are savvy buyers who like the timesharing concept and know how to use it. Most already own at least one timeshare. They are looking for quality properties at realistic prices.

TIMESHARE TRAVEL provides one of the best timeshare resale services in the world. We pride ourselves in having a sincere, honest approach to this controversial industry. For over 28 years we have served the timeshare industry and are recognized today as one of the top rated timeshare service organizations in the world. Our track record speaks for itself. We have contributed to the sale of over 10,000 timeshare weeks.

You need exposure to sell your timeshare week. Timeshare Travel provides a specialized marketing and referral network service, which we call our Ad-List program. With our Ad-List program, your timeshare will be advertised globally on our popular website, which has about 500,000 hits per month. Your ad will also be placed in our own publication which is mailed out to interested buyers & brokers. Your timeshare information will also be made available to our referral network, other resale agents and resale companies, who will try to help sell your timeshare week.

We also do extensive general advertising nationwide in newspapers, magazines, yellow pages, direct mail, internet ads, internet links and banners, billboards, TV and radio. Our own in-house agents (Timeshare Realty) are working everyday with potential buyers, brokers and agents who call or e-mail offers and inquiries generated from this extensive marketing and referral network.

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Consulting, Closing, Global auction & cash liquidation sales Charity donation program, Trade-in's and upgrades, Financing Property evaluations, Buy your timeshare outright (conditions apply)

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Timeshare Travel & Associates and our in-house Real Estate professionals have been serving the timeshare industry since 1984. We are recognized today as one of the premiere timeshare resale companies worldwide.

We are one of the oldest, largest and most successful timeshare service organizations. We have been featured in USA Today and Changing Times Magazine as one of the top ten companies of its kind. Within the last ten years, Timeshare Travel and our associate brokers have sold over 10,000 weeks.

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