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Dear Timeshare Seller,

As you know, Timeshare Travel & Associates, Inc. has several programs to help you sell or liquidate your timeshare property. We wish to explain further one of our very unique programs which allows a timeshare owner to donate his or her timeshare to charity through our organization.

In these difficult times of selling your timeshare, charity donation makes sense. Donation is not a listing, or an option agrestrongent. This is a final transaction for you to transfer the timeshare out of your name, and to no longer be responsible for any further maintenance fee payments.

Donation is like selling your timeshare, but your timeshare gain will come to you by way of a tax refund from the IRS instead of a buyer. The best part of timeshare donation, is your donation will go to help one of the several charities we have agrestrongents with. All of these charities have also been affected by the recession and are in great need of your contribution.

Because a charity cannot be responsible for paying maintenance fees or any expenses, an owner wishing to donate must have the current year’s maintenance fees or any other expenses paid in full. The timeshare owner must also be responsible for all closing costs and transfer fees required to finalize the transfer of the timeshare. This closing cost is usually minimal, and also tax deductible.

We realize that donation is not for everyone. However, if you want to transfer your ownership now, and realize some gain from your timeshare (by way of a tax refund), then this program may be for you.

If you are interested in donating your timeshare to charity, please contact our office at 800-367-3799, so we can present your timeshare to our board for consideration. For further information please call and request a copy of an article written by Timeshare Today magazine regarding our Timeshare Donation program and timeshare donations in general. Thank you for considering to donate timeshare weeks.

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