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We offer a Free Market or Property Evaluation to Timeshare sellers. This is a "verbal" evaluation only. We will let them know the approx high and low value that the resale market is selling comparable timeshares for. We also let the seller know that all timeshares will only sell for less than what the resort is selling for (not necessarily what less than what they paid for it).

If the timeshare seller wants a specific property evaluation with a more exact number - we have a 9 point evaluation signed by an officer in our company of 28 years experience in the industry (see below). We charge $129.00 for this written property evaluation. This property evaluation is printed on a nice professional certificate and signed by an officer of our company.

In order to provide our Free Evaluation we need your information. Name, address, phone, resort info etc... We would also like to know what you paid for the timeshare week, how many years you have owned the timeshare week and If you know what the resort is selling the timeshare for currently, we would like that information. We need this info for our records and hopefully future business with you - we may have a buyer requesting your particular timeshare week. At the very least, we would like your information for our mailing list.

Our Market Evaluation is a Verbal Evaluation only. We will base our Evaluation upon primarily our 9 point system for evaluating timeshare property. Some of these points consist of comparables of what timeshares like yours have sold for and are listed for.

Because the resale market is so inconsistent and changeable our number is a range of the high and low of what they are selling for.

Your timeshares value is in the range of $0000 to $0000. I recommend if your trying to sell your unit to start your marketing with the higher price. You can always come down. Be open to lower offers.

We can get you started today by marketing your timeshare at that price.

The evaluation of the Timeshare listed below is based upon:

1) What the developer sold the property for originally.

2) The approximate appraisal of the condo as if it were not a timeshare but wholly owned.

3) What comparable units have sold for.

4) What a reasonable bid from a buyer would be based upon and the entire resale market.

5) How property is vested.

6) The season and flexibility of use.

7) Exchange possibilities of the unit.

8) Rental possibilities of the unit.

9) Credibility of the Resort's management and Homeowners Association

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Timeshare Travel & Associates and our in-house Real Estate professionals have been serving the timeshare industry since 1984. We are recognized today as one of the premiere timeshare resale companies worldwide.

We are one of the oldest, largest and most successful timeshare service organizations. We have been featured in USA Today and Changing Times Magazine as one of the top ten companies of its kind. Within the last ten years, Timeshare Travel and our associate brokers have sold over 10,000 weeks.

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