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Offering Several Programs Including Buying your Timeshare

We at Timeshare Travel have several programs including buying your timeshare outright. We need all the information we can get about your timeshare week, so it is best to call and discuss it with us, or you can e-mail your address and phone number to us and we can contact you.

We can market your timeshare and have several programs to do it:

  • We provide and publish a publication that we place your advertisement in. We call your advertisement an AD-LISTING.
  • We provide liquidation sales (auctions) every week.
  • We provide an advertisement campaign with various major nationwide newspapers, yellow pages, radio, magazines, and direct mail.
  • We also provide worldwide exposure on the Internet as well as extensive networking with other resale companies.


Our own in-house brokers, Timeshare Realty, will promote the AD-LISTINGS and make them available to several resale companies, rental companies, and potential buyers that we generate from our marketing program. You need exposure - we give you that exposure.

Honest Evaluations

Many timeshare resale companies will tell you that your timeshare is worth way more that it is, then charge you an upfront $500 listing fee. If we charged $500 to list, we would not need to sell timeshares to make a living. We will give you an honest evaluation of your timeshare week. For starters, you must sell your timeshare week for less than what the resort is selling, generally 20% to 50% off the market price. We have not accumulated piles of listings. Your AD-LISTING will not get lost within thousands of listings. When we have a serious buyer, we utilize our own listings first. If we can't find a match there, we will then search with other resale companies and sources.

Donate Your Timeshare Week

We also have a charity to donate your timeshare week to which allows you to write off the fair market price on your tax return. You can also trade in your timeshare week for another week at a different resort. Trade for a bigger, better, and more useful week.

We Buy and Sell Timeshares

Serving the Timeshare Industry Since 1984

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Timeshare Travel & Associates and our in-house Real Estate professionals have been serving the timeshare industry since 1984. We are recognized today as one of the premiere timeshare resale companies worldwide.

We are one of the oldest, largest and most successful timeshare service organizations. We have been featured in USA Today and Changing Times Magazine as one of the top ten companies of its kind. Within the last ten years, Timeshare Travel and our associate brokers have sold over 10,000 weeks.

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