Changing Demography of Timeshare Buyers

In 2009, American Resort Development Association (ARDA) published its Timeshare Owners Report which demonstrated that there was a growing trend of a younger generation purchasing timeshare. Three years later this trend continues with the average age of timeshare owners at 42 years old. The same report also suggested that these new, younger owners are purchasing timeshare due to the flexibility and longtime saving cost of vacation ownership.

The upward tick in this trend signifies also a shift in the way timeshares are marketed as the younger generation of potential buyers is a generation that spends a great amount of time online whether for work and recreation. In fact, according to another report by the ARDA, 90% of timeshare owners have computer at home and Internet access. Thus, it is safe to assume where most prospective owners look for potential timeshare purchase is on the Internet. It is also interesting to note that 27% of the current timeshare purchases are made in the secondary market where buyers looking to buy a timeshare can purchase from owners with timeshare to sell.

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